Jeep Body Tubs & Replacement Parts

If you are restoring an older Jeep and have finally decided that rust, damage and age have finally gotten the best of your project, you need to consider a replacement body tub and panels.

Thankfully, almost every model of Willys, MB, CJ, YJ and TJ have the same body tubs and replacement panels (between models) - such commonality across chassis makes replacing things easy. (And it gives you an idea how cheap and easy these things were to manufacture.)

  • Remove wiring
  • Unbolt grill & fenders
  • Remove steering wheel
  • Remove seats, carpet and tail lights
  • Unbolt the tub
  • Lift, replace, reverse the order for install

That's a pretty simplified version of the whole process, but it gives you the basic idea - it's not hard to replace that old body tub with a spanky new one - and you get a choice now, too. Originally you had steel - now you can have fibreglass (with the color baked right in) or aluminum, to cut down on weight. Only you, your body-man and wallet need know what it really is.

Replacing a Jeep body tub is not for everyone. They're not cheap, averaging around $2,000 USD for just the tub, unfinished. They are expensive to ship and you need lots of space to work on them. You'd better be pretty handy, too, because they normally don't come pre-drilled for anything - like lights, windshield frames, steering columns, shifters - you get the idea.

On the other hand, if you're restoring a crusty character with a solid frame, a new body tub might be just the ticket - it's certainly better than more Bondo every spring.

Here's a great example of the basic parts available to rebuild any model year CJ. Body tub, windshield frame, fenders, hood - add a few more items and you've got yourself a spanky new CJ in the driveway...oh yeah, and better budget for A LOT of time.

Some suppliers offer a more comprehensive package than others, so shop around. While some offer the basic tub with no holes, others offer everything from pre-drilled holes in factory-correct locations to trim bits and soft-top frames. You get what you pay for.


Jeep Body Tubs & Replacement Panels


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