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Ever wonder what YJ, TJ, CJ, WJ, XJ, ZJ and MJ really mean?

That's a question that gets asked a lot by newcomers to the Jeep world. These terms and others are actually the first two letters of the body style designation assigned by Jeep/DaimlerChrysler to each major body style revision. No doubt there are some missing from this list, but this should cover the bulk of them.

2007 Jeep Wrangler


~ MA - The original prototype Jeep submitted by Willys-Overland for the military contract in 1940. "M" stood for "military"; "A" for the first model.

~ MB - The revised model first mass-produced by Willys-Overland for the military in '40-'45. "B" stood for the second model.

~ GP - The original prototype Jeep submitted by Ford for the military contract in 1940. "G" indicated government issue; "P" indicated an 80" wheelbase reconnaissance vehicle.

~ GPW - The revised model first mass-produced by Ford for the military in '40-'45. It is virtually identical to the MB (the "W" stood for "Willys' design").

~ M38 - aka MC - The next generation military Jeep by Willys ('50-52), similar to the civilian CJ-3A. Like all of the above models, it was a flat-fender style.

~ M38A1 - aka MD - Basically the military version of the CJ-5 ('52-'71). Unlike the CJ-5, it had the front shackles at the rear of the springs instead of up front.

~ M170 - Similar to a military version of the CJ-6. 4155 of them were made in the mid-50's and early-60's.


CJ - The first civilian version of the military-inspired short-wheelbase Jeep, made '42-'86. Encompasses everything from flat-fenders to Scramblers. Like many other early Jeep designations, "CJ" actually stands for something: Civilian Jeep. Various numbers followed the CJ designation, indicating different body styles within the CJ line:


~ CJ-2A - A flat-fender, very similar to the military MB ('45-49) except that the headlights bulge out of the grill instead of being inset.

~ CJ-3A - A flat-fender, very similar to the military M38 ('48-53).

~ CJ-3B - A flat-fender, the top of its hood sits 4" higher above the fenders than the 3A to clear the new F-head engine ('52-68).

~ CJ-4 - Only one prototype is known to exist. It was discovered in 1997(?), still in the hands of its second owner. It looks like a 50/50 mix of a CJ-3A and a CJ-5, with only slightly rounded fenders.

~ CJ-5 - The civilian version of the M38A1, but with the front shackles under the bumper like most other models. 81" ('55-'71) or 84" ('72-'83) wheelbase. Front fenders are rounded like all subsequent short-wheelbase Jeeps. Easily distinguished from the CJ-7 by a small doorway with a rounded, sloping rear edge.

~ CJ-6 - Essentially a CJ-5 that was stretched 20" ('58-75), intended for use as a small pickup.

For pretty much everything military or military-Jeep oriented, please see HUGE resource for the military enthusiast, Jeeps or otherwise.
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